John Turnbull's "Birth of the Cool", a one man show of cool words and hot jazz.

Backed by three fine jazz musicians - Paul Cutlan (Sax & Composer), Steve Arie (Bass) and Fabian Hevia (Drums & Vibes), the beat jazz era, the beat poets it inspired and their wild lives are often one voice in this one man show jazz cabaret.

Playing time flexible: Sydney Fest 2003 - 2 hours / Edinburgh, Recklinghausen & Melbourne Festival - 75 mins / other venues for Sydney revivals - 75-90 mins.

John Turnbull relives the Beat era, with cool words blending with hot Be-bop that inspired the Beat Poet's free and passionate thinking.

The Band, the Production's specifications, Producer and "Birth of the Cool" history are detailed on the sub-page links above right.

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