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Colleridge's Face

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Poet, political agitator, literary critic, journalist, addict – a generation older than the others, but outliving them all. He certainly met Byron (who was a great fan of “Cristabel” and the Mariner) and Keats – but not Shelley – though they had much in common , politically and creatively. He’d have loved this ‘imagined’ get-together. He was a young man at the time of the French and American Revolutions, and remained a staunch Republican and reformer agitating against social and class injustice. Tom Paine and William Blake were heroes to him, and he fought all his life against censorship and repression. He was widely considered one of the greatest talkers of his time, and his lectures on Shakespeare still read brilliantly.

Poems sampled include “Frost at Midnight” “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, “Kublai Khan”, “Dainty Terms for Fratricide” and “Farewell to Love”. “Biographia Literaria”, “Table Talk” and his Letters & Diaries are sourced for his share of the dialogue.

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