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What are the shows about?
Women having orgasm with man

"Love Bites" is utter indulgence:

A delicious sampling of poets from all ages, coming together in celebration of man's greatest gift and most worrying weakness - the urge to love and be loved. A playful, satirical collage aimed fair and square at the funnybone. Samples here are taken from the original radio broadcast. It launched a series at Sorlies, the Cabaret Room at Glen Street Theatre in Sydney.

The Sorlies run was two performers, John Turnbull and an actress who made a surprise entry to the show during an outrageous 'cruising the audience' sequence. This version (unrecorded, alas) will be the template for future performances - needing therefore the two actors and one musician (though "Love Bites" has been performed in the past with a recorded soundtrack).

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