“Animalia” is a safari into the animal kingdom; the beasts we bond with and keep in bondage – the canine, feline, bovine, ovine, porcine and asinine according to taste. And on to the birds, and the bees, creepers and crawlers and deep blue swimmers – not to mention the frankly fanciful (the prairie dolphin, the duck-billed reindeer and the amazing quinquasaurapod). Some of the poems in “Animalia” are well known, but most are sometimes quite wonderful and provoking surprises.

Launched in the Sorlies Cabaret room at Glen Street Theatre, with a musician, and subsequently for the Sydney Fringe Festival. Versions of “Animalia” have also been performed in High Schools, once using student musicians (needing a week’s work with them prior to the show). Samples here are from Sorlies first night, and the radio version.

Live theatre performance video and audio recordings of ‘Animalia’ can be found under Video and Audio. Please share your thoughts and impressions on this foray into the otherness of the animal world. I am open to queries regarding future performances and re-staging ‘Animalia’ in Australia, the UK or further afield. I look forward to any and all comments.


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