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Animalia Blog

“Animalia” is a safari into the animal kingdom; the beasts we bond with and keep in bondage – the canine, feline, bovine, ovine, porcine and asinine according to taste. And on to the birds, and the bees, creepers and crawlers […]

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Gallery Show

A tribute to art & the poetry it has inspired. Filmed at its first performance in Sydney. With music by the Giga Jeleskovic Trio. Collage includes Dryden, Shelley, Keats , Auden, Duke Ellington, Margaret Atwood, Ferlinghetti, David Malouf & Roger […]

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Download RR

In 2008 a draft of RR was rehearsed and presented, very successfully, further ‘adjustments’ made, and is now ready for performance: the time is right to hit the Road (excuse the pun). Download “Raging Romantic” by clicking on the PDF […]

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Telling Tales Blog

“Telling Tales” is a late night fright bite journey into the eerie side of the poetic imagination. Stories of obsession and possession; Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, which constituted the entire second half of the show; Poe’s “The […]

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Birth Of The Cool Blog

Created with the Paul Cutlan Trio for Sydney Festival, and subsequently taken to Edinburgh, Germany & Melbourne. The Band & I always jump at the chance to hit the road with Kerouak, Ginsberg, Burroughs & Ferlinghetti in this recreation of […]

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Raging Romantics

Four actors relive the passionate lives, times and convictions of Coleridge, Shelley, Byron and Keats – all in their own words. “Raging Romantics” is an intense and provocative 90 min collage of their letters, prose writings and their immortal poetry […]

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