In 2008 a draft of RR was rehearsed and presented, very successfully, further ‘adjustments’ made, and is now ready for performance: the time is right to hit the Road (excuse the pun).

Download “Raging Romantic” by clicking on the PDF icon link below. I enthusiastically welcome your thoughts and impressions on a new work that is ripe for production in either Australia, the UK, The States, or let’s discuss further afield.

Download_RR_ScriptRaging Romantic Script

I’ve always seen the Romantic Poets and the Beats as linked, though two centuries apart. While touring BOTC I was already researching and collating material from their amazing output in poetry, letters and prose writings on both the art of poetry and the times they lived in. What they shared is anti-establishment Rage, and the determination to make their art more direct and engaged within and against the world they lived in. Their fervour was revolutionary- countering repressive politics, moral conformity, their critics and the ‘poetic tradition’ itself; challenging their contemporaries and forging new creative voices. And , like the Beats, the popularity of Coleridge, Keats, Byron and Shelley remains undimmed.

Thanks for reading. I welcome your comments. John.


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